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Saturday, November 22, 2014

DIY Lip Scrub - Honey, Olive Oil, Sugar

Feeling the dry, cool air wreak havoc on those delicate lips of yours? Having trouble with dry, chapped lips? Experiencing a lack of absorption with your current lip balm balm or chapstick? Slough off that dead skin with this easy and simple DIY lip scrub. 

1 Part Honey
1 Part Olive Oil
1 Part Sugar

Mix all three ingredients and store in a small, air-tight container with a lid. Upon using, take a small amount with your finger and rub your lips in circular motions to exfoliate and get rid of the dry patches of skin. Follow up with your chapstick or lip balm. 

The sugar will get rid of the dry, dead skin while the honey and olive oil will moisturizer and heal your lips.

*Tip* I like to keep mine in my shower and use it while my conditioner is working. 

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