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Monday, January 19, 2015

New From Aveda | Energizing Eye Creme & Intense Hydrating Soft Creme

Aveda recently released two new products in the Botanical Kinetics line: an Energizing Eye Creme and an Intense Hydrating Soft Creme. They now offer two different types of eye cremes; one for anti-aging and one for puffiness and dark circles. This is great news for those of us who have been anticipating a new eye creme from them, especially one that addresses other concerns we have besides anti-aging.

I really love the new eye creme. It works so well and I do feel like it "energizes" my eye area. They look a little less tired than usual and the skin does appear to be a little tighter. I have very sensitive eye skin which tend to break out in little bumps depending on the eye creams I use and it hasn't broken out while using this product.  

Botanical Kinetics™ Energizing Eye Creme $35

They also released a new face moisturizer which is designed with a punch of hydration. This product did hydrate my skin beautifully, but I don't believe it works well with my skin. It seemed to clog my pores. A couple of my friends do like this moisturizer and have not had the same issue. I recommend going to an Aveda near you and grabbing a sample to try and see how it works with your skin.

Botanical Kinetics™ Intense Hydrating Soft Creme $40

To learn more about these two new products, check out my video below:

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