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Friday, September 4, 2015

Life is a Dream; It is Your Seed

So many people I adore have been struggling tremendously with life's rocks and rivers. The tides have become big and tumultuous. The horizon, unknown and monochromatic. Difficult moments in life affect us all; no one can avoid hardships. Sometimes, there is nothing that can be done but to dive right into that gigantic tidal wave and embrace it...taking it on and knowing with your heart, that although life's unpredictable hardships do happen, it doesn't mean you can't turn them into something useful when you're ready to. I consider some of life's harshest experiences as our greatest teachers, because they push us to see certain things we need to see or they push us in the areas we need to cultivate and grow. 

Life is a dream; it is your seed.

This human experience is a temporary journey that your spirit is having. You are continuous, this journey is not. Life is a constant reminder of this truth through the inevitable changes that unfolds within it. What most people do not realize is how powerful they are in this experience they are living. My dearlings, we are powerful in our human experiences and we can make life be what we want it to be. Most people do not realize this because, we often give our power away to so many different directions in our lives. As an example, it could be relationships, jobs, fears, beliefs, insecurities, etc. Because of this, we think we are powerless, or that we can't change our circumstances. In some ways, we almost become addicted to a certain kind of chaos. We don't know how to function without it. When we are so used to living with chaotic relationships or environments, it feels so strange to function without it. And for some, a sort of boredom forms. Was this chaos something that we used to fill ourselves with something? Was it a sort of distraction from making necessary changes for us to move forward?

Life is YOUR seed. With your focus and action, a seed can grow and become whatever it is you envision for yourself. Society life is formed by our choices as a collective. We organize our lives by the things we do. What we choose and how it looks is decided by all of us. We think, we choose, we act, things become. What you think, what you say, what you do - becomes who you are. What we are as a collective, becomes what we are as a whole. The world is then shaped accordingly. This truth inspired me many moons ago when I wrote a song called What You Are for my album, Prism.

Your personal life journey will look and be whatever it is you want it to be. When it is not what you want it to be - ask yourself, are you an active participant in making the changes necessary to create life to look like you want it to? Are you going within and healing parts of yourself that keep you from creating it? Are you asking yourself what you actually want in life? Are you then taking action and making those things happen?

If you are depressed and unhappy because of the way your life looks, what will you do to change it?

If you are depressed and unhappy and life is what you want it to be, is your body unhealthy? Do you need to see a doctor? Do you need to take some time out of life to connect with yourself and nature?

Sometimes, it's okay to just be sad for a moment. There's also beauty in sadness.

Just remember what you are capable of and that you can be an active participant in the unfolding of your human experiences. What your soul craves, you can become. Find your truth by actively being in touch with yourself and never let fear keep you blinded.

Life is a beautiful, but temporary dream. And like a lucid dream, this one can be shifted, too.

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