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Monday, September 14, 2015

Pura D'or - Natural and Organic Haircare and Skincare Company - Brand Review

I had the pleasure of trying out Pura D'or products. I've been seeing their products circulating the social media world and getting some great reviews. When the company contacted me to try some of their products out, I was very interested. I like the fact that this company uses organic and plant-based ingredients, as well as science, to create products with solutions to skin and hair concerns. I've been trying out these products for a couple months in order to get a feel for them for this review. I like what this company stands for and what they are passionate about. To learn more about their story click here.

First of all, let me state that these products are truly pure. I can tell from the fact that there are no artificial scents. They smell like an organic based spa. I like that this company upholds to the values they are passionate about and it's very evident through their products that they do.

Let's start out with their Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo and Healing Conditioner. I've heard about these two products the most in social media. The Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo has DHT blockers within it, which is something I never heard of before. DHT, which stands for Dihydrotestosterone, is a male sex hormone, an androgen. This synthesizes DHT in the adrenal glands, hair follicles, testes and prostate. Male and female adults can lose hair as a consequence of changes in the metabolism of androgen in the body - men more commonly than women. DHT plays a major role in the loss of hair. With the help of science, Pura D'or combined plant-based ingredients which naturally help prevent and block DHT from occurring. So many people are experiencing benefits from this shampoo and it's all over Amazon. Aside from DHT Blockers, the shampoo is formulated with argan oil, B vitamin complex, biotin, nettles extract, saw palmetto, he shou wu (fo-ti) and other clinically proven natural ingredients to help stimulate hair growth. The Healing Conditioner contains coconut and vegetable proteins that assist with hydration, healing, and repairing damaged hair.  It also contains organic argan oil. This conditioner is meant to reduce frizz, smooth, add shine, and add moisture to the hair as it heals any damage that may have occurred.

My experience:
I did notice that I had less fall out with my hair while using this shampoo. I noticed this change after a few weeks of trying it out. So, I agree that the DHT blockers in this shampoo work. It also did a great job clarifying my hair. I also enjoyed the aroma of the healing conditioner and it did help smooth my hair. However, I've come to realize that oil-infused shampoos and conditioners tend to either dry out, dull down, or weigh my hair down. I noticed that my hair began to feel dryer, and not as soft as it was before while using these two products. If your hair doesn't have this issue, then I think you will really like these products. Especially the shampoo if you're having an issue with hair loss.
Pura D'or Argan Oil Review - BeautyMindSpirit
Next up is the Pura D'or Argan Oil. You can use this oil for your hair, skin, and nails. It provides so many benefits! It can diminish wrinkles, stimulate skin cells, reduce the appearance of scarring and stretch marks, soften skin, relieve eczema and psoriasis, restore nutrient content to skin cells, moisturize dry scalp, help with hair regeneration, and it can help repair hair that has been damaged.

My experience: This is one of my favorite products I tried. I love how soft and smooth it made my hair feel. Because of my fine hair, I concentrated this oil on the mid shaft down to the ends of my hair, and it doesn't seem to weigh it down as long as I use a small amount and spread it around evenly. I've tried this on my face and it did a great job moisturizing it and healing some of my dark spots from recent breakouts. I like this product a lot and I highly recommend it if you're looking for a pure and great quality of argan oil.

Pura D'or Professional Strength Vitamin C Serum Review - BeautyMindSpirit
This is the Professional Strength 20% Vitamin C Serum. Vitamin C has so many benefits for the skin! It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, spots and loss of elasticity. It can brighten skin because of its antioxidant properties. This serum contains pure vegan hyaluronic acid to leave skin soft, firm, and youthful. Vitamin C serum increases skin's absorption. Place this serum on your skin before anything else to help your skin absorb it better.

My experience: The aroma of this serum is really strong. I do like that they do not put artificial fragrances in their products. It doesn't smell pleasant to me, but it didn't bother me - in fact, it made me respect the company for keeping it stripped down and simple. I think when it comes to Vitamin C... having it formulated as purely as possible is essential. Unfortunately, this serum was too much for my skin and my skin wouldn't adjust to it. My skin remained red and sensitive. If you have sensitive skin, keep that in mind. I really like to use Ole Henriksen Truth Serum® Vitamin C Collagen. If your skin is not sensitive - give this product a try. I think it's powerful and potent.  

Pura D'or Argan Oil Organic Face Cream Review - BeautyMindSpirit

Next up is the Argan Oil Organic Face Cream. This cream is designed to improve the look of wrinkles, sagging skin, and dullness. It is also designed to promote smoothness, calming the skin, and promoting radiance.

My experience: I like the ingredient list. There are many good things inside of it that you can check out here. However, I don't feel that this cream did anything special for my skin.
I do need help with fading dark spots, acne scars, and wrinkle reduction as well as winkle prevention. I also like products that help promote radiance to my skin. It was great at moisturizing it, but aside from that - I didn't see any noticeable difference from before I used it.

Pura D'or Scar Treatment Solution Review - BeautyMindSpirit
I also received their Scar Treatment Solution to try. In 2011, I had surgery and have had a couple scars remain. I was really curious to know if this would work. This solution is designed to remove and revitalize scars and stretch marks, reduce inflammation and regenerate new tissues, and reduce the overall appearance of many scar types.

My experience: I noticed a slight fading of my scar while using this product. I saw no drastic results or change, however, this is a product that takes time to fade away scars. I've only been using it for 2 months. When I was discussing this product with the company, they did say that the most powerful ingredient in this solution was the argan oil. You can buy their pure argan oil for scar fading instead and it will also help reduce the appearance of scars and regenerate the tissues.I'm not sure if they will continue to carry or sell this product or just sell and market their argan oil for scar fading going forward. In the meantime, you can still buy this scar treatment solution at amazon.  
Pura D'or Nail Therapy Review - BeautyMindSpirit
 Lastly, I received their Nail Therapy product. This is supposed to help strengthen your nails, and bring overall the best nutrients to them for overall healthy nail support.

My experience: I didn't notice a change in my nails. The same story applies to this product in regards to the scar treatment. The contact from the company stated that argan oil is a powerful ingredient in this product and helps with nails. They no longer sell this from their website and I can't find it on amazon. My suggestion is to use their argan oil instead for your nails if you need some extra help with them. I will be trying the argan oil on my nails to see if it helps.
 Pura D'or carries some other products that look promising. I am intrigued by their Rosehip Seed Oil and have found other brands of Rosehip Seed Oil to be really beneficial to my skin. Whenever I need some extra healing from acne scars or dark spots, I like to use Rosehip Seed Oil. That might be worth checking out if you're curious about some of Pura D'or's other products :)
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