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Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Precious Moments Made With Family | My Indiana Vacation

I love seeing my family. As we have gotten older, most of us are scattered in different places. Now, we only see each other a few times a year, if that. As I've grown and started my own little family, I cherish the precious moments spent with family. Whether it's the family you were raised with or a new family you had to create for yourself - creating memories with them are comforting, healing, and beautiful. Life is fleeting. So are moments.

I took my son, Aven, to Indiana. My father picked us up from MN and we headed down to Indiana which is about a 10 hour drive. It's a nice drive and one that you can relax on. We arrived last Sunday to my mother who waited for us in her driveway. Big hugs were exchanged and our vacation began! My grandmother, Wilma, is turning 89 on September 13th. She is one of the most loving, and caring grandmother's in the world. She is the best cook and baker. She loves to cook for us and makes the best food. She tends to get tired, so we don't let her do too much - just allow her the satisfaction to cook for us when she can and to see us all fall in love with everything she makes.

My mother makes the best breakfast meals. She has also cooked a lot for us. A couple nights I made my famous chicken linguine and mushroom dinner that my grandma loves and a new spaghetti dish that I created - by using a different kind of sauce than the standard tomato ones. I love using butternut squash or pumpkin sauces for my spaghetti along with turkey meat. Toss it with angel hair noodles and you have a very light and refreshing kind of meal for the stomach. It's delicious.

I celebrated my birthday here, along with my sister's...and we also had some amazing sister-time dates as well. I love my sisters (I have 3), and when I get to see them and do things with them, it makes me really happy. Sheila and I have a lot of fun together. She basically just laughs at me a lot because I'm quite eccentric at times (hehe), but it makes me happy that someone thinks I'm that funny, so I'm all for it. She has the best heart and we have the most amazing conversations. I love hanging out with her so much. When we do we just have a great time and any stresses we've had falls away. I've also played with my nephew Mateo on the xbox and watched my other nephew, Tristan's, marching band performance at a local football game. It's so fun to see them at their activities and to celebrate their passions.

I changed up my hair! I went darker and the cosmetolgoist added some more layers into it. I love how it looks. I highly recommend her if you're in the Dunlap/Goshen area of Indiana. Her name is Laura Yoder and she works at Cutting Loose Salon.
Thank you for reading this blog. Where do you go to see your family? What are some fun things you do together? I wish all of you so many beautiful memories and great moments with your loved ones.
Here is my vlog of my trip to Indiana:

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