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Friday, October 16, 2015

The BEST Charcoal Cleanser I've Ever Used | Black Paint Review

Black Paint Review by
A couple months ago I was contacted by a Japanese skincare company called Black Paint. They found my video I did on Good Karma Skincare which is an all natural skincare line that was founded locally here in the twin cities and co-founded by a dear friend of mine. I took some time and researched this company, fell in love with their story, and knew that I would be very interested in trying out their products. They sent me their blackpaint soap ($29.99) and konjac sponge ($9.99) to try. I have spent the last couple of months working with them for this review.

First of all, when I review brands I immediately navigate to their story. I think this is something many of us overlook. I think it's so important to pay attention to the dreams and aspirations of people who create companies, because more times than not - they inspire us and help us realize the potential of every single being on this planet. If you have a dream... a feeling... a desire to do something on this planet, you are more than capable of making it happen!

Black Paint was started by a mother named Miyuki, who was on a mission to help her daughter achieve inner and outer health due to some health issues she was facing. Her daughter was experiencing rashes and irritation on her skin and doctors were beginning to turn her away since they could not find a solution. None of the creams prescribed were working. After doing her own researching and getting back in touch with Mother Nature and some of her culture's ancient skin care recipes, she was able to find healing in plant based oils and ingredients derived from Mother Earth. To read more of her beautiful story, click here.
Black Paint Soap Review -

Black Paint Soap

I immediately fell in love with this soap the first time I used it. Do you ever get that feeling when you just know you're going to love something? Yeah, that happened to me. I've already been a big fan of charcoal cleansers for my oily t-zoned skin... but this one is the best charcoal-based cleanser I have ever used. I believe it has to do with the 23 types of organic plant oils that are infused in this soap. There's a synergy between the charcoal and the other ingredients that make up the soap. I mean, just check out the ingredient list: SOAP FOUNDATION, WATER, JOJOBA SEED OIL, UREA, OLIVE OIL, ALMOND OIL, PINE EXTRACT, CHARCOAL, PALM OIL, COCONUT OIL, RAW SUGAR, IRON OXIDE, HYDROLYZED SILK, LAVENDER OIL, HONEY, GREEN TEA LEAVES, DAMASK ROSE OIL, MACADAMIA NUT OIL, AVOCADO OIL, ROSEHIP OIL, GRAPE SEED OIL, EVENING PRIMROSE OIL, FLAXSEED OIL, BORAGE SEED OIL, SAFFLOWER OIL, SUNFLOWER SEED OIL, PEANUT OIL, SESAME OIL, WALNUT SEED OIL, PERILLA FRUTESENS SEED OIL, APRICOT KERNEL OIL, HAZELNUT SEED OIL, ROSE OIL (taken directly from the website)! How sexy is that ingredient list?!

What does this soap do? It helps to maintain the skin's natural PH balance and support the important moisture barrier our skin naturally creates through its own oil - all whilst giving your skin the kind of cleansing it needs. That right there is the most beautiful thing about this cleanser. It leaves the skin's natural moisture barrier alone. This barrier protects our skin from external assaults, such as dry air, dirt and damaging UV sunlight, as well as preventing internal moisture from escaping. The soap is designed to draw out impurities, help diminish the appearance of pores by deeply, but gently extracting all of the debris inside of the pores. It also removes all traces of makeup (which I've tested and yes, it definitely does!). I have had less breakouts due to this soap and my skin feels clearer and more even-toned. The application process of this product is a little different from what we are used to. It's kind of like a mask... but you apply the bar directly to your face after it's been softened from warm water, and then after it's spread around massage it into your face with your fingers for a few minutes. You can see the directions in action by watching this video here. Also, I will be featuring this soap in an upcoming skincare routine video so be sure to subscribe to my channel and follow my blog so you don't miss it! 
Black Paint Konjac Sponge Review -
Black Paint Konjac Sponge

I've used a konjac sponge before, but it didn't impress me. This one, however, was really nice from Black Paint. This sponge is made from a part of the konjac plant and it's actually derived of vegetable fiber and also contains some of the charcoal that is used in the soap! This is a gentle exfoliating device...and is used after cleansing to help remove any remaining debris left in the pores. You let this soak in water for a few minutes and once it's soft, you lightly go over your face. I tend to use light, circular motions. It feels great and relaxing. I believe this helps my skin achieve its softer and more noticeably smoother texture lately.

There are other products available to try from Black Paint. They have a water toner, an oil rose water lotion, and a water cream moisturizer! I'm very curious to check them out myself since I fell in love with the first two products they sent me to review.

To see me talk about these products, check out my video review below on YouTube:

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