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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Life is a Vibrational Dream Philosophy & Life Update

"Life is a temporary dream and you are its weaver." -
 The recent astrological events these last few months have created quite the arena of personal struggle and triumph for us, huh. So many challenges have risen for many of us in all the different sectors of our lives that need a sort of evolutionary reboot. I've been exhausted...and by exhausted, I mean... I've been in anguish over letting go or realizing certain areas in my heart that still hurt...still need to be healed... or even acknowledged. I've been hurt by a few people in my past that refuse to come forward and make peace with me. How do I heal those wounds by myself? That is something I am figuring out how to do and I know I can be happy without those closures. Not many human beings realize the weight of their choices and selfishly walk forward thinking that's the only way to move on. They allow this ghost of energy to exist that continues to haunt both people involved. It's a sort of karma tied at the soul level. They know not what they do. I've been so frustrated about this, but there's nothing I can do. I did my part and these people only know what they know. In the outer-dimensional state of our existence... we don't need closure anyway. There's no such thing. But while we are walking this Earth... living the Human Experience... it's very much REAL for us while we are HERE. So alas, I'm working on being happy regardless of what I am frustratingly tied to. It is the consequence of my choice to be in experiences with these people.

Learning to thrive without the closure of unfinished things -
On top of that, so many areas of my life demand my attention and fixing... or even changes. Anything that lingered in my dark and secret abyss came out to be dealt with and reborn. I had a health scare, my son struggled immensely with his transition into full time preschool. That ripped my heart out to pieces. It is so difficult to watch your child struggle with something. When you become a parent, you take on a mountain of a new kind of love. You feel their struggles ten fold. I'm very happy to report that he is doing so much better now and I feel that I can return to a little more normalcy within myself now that I know he isn't struggling as much. We fell in love with a house a few miles north of where we are now in an area I have been loving and living in for the past 7 years, and we bought it. This home was in need of a rebirth in itself. When we got the house, the previous owners left all of their sadness's in the forms of their trash behind. So much energetic weight filled the walls of this darkened home. We had unexpected expenses to clean up another person's sadness. While I prayed for the previous owners and smudged the house... I made a promise to bring life and light back to that home and to the land to which we will be coexisting within. I'm creating a video of the transformation... and how to bring in spiritual light into a if you want to see what we do, subscribe to my channel and stay tuned on this blog for before and after photos.

There's a complexity of emotions that each of us are capable of feeling...and some of us feel complex emotions altogether at the same time for a million different aspects of our lives. This post of mine is a wake-up call to remind all of us that WE are co-creating our realities and our experiences individually and together with the Universe. When we have an experience with ourselves or other people... we create vibrational wavelengths that create shock waves into the inter-web of consciousness. Every choice has a vibrational outcome and that outcome becomes this verb of reality. Be conscious of your mind, your thoughts, and what you put out there. If things are feeling rough, remember that you are a beautiful life warrior and you can use this to your advantage. Use every struggle, every rough moment... as a way to develop you and improve on you. And if you're tired... take a break. Rest. That's okay, too.

Restful tree moment -

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