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Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Poem & A Mindful Practice

So while my new filming space/office is being set up, I wanted to share a mindful practice I do to help center me and keep me grounded...and that is to write poetry. Poetry was the first creative outlet I explored in a serious way as a teenager. It helps me to process my thoughts and emotions. It does so much more for me as well. Anyway, I wanted to share a piece with you. Perhaps some of you will connect to this. If you have, I will be wrapping my arms around your heart for one big virtual hug. Feel free to leave a comment and share your experiences with me. I enjoy learning about you and listening to your stories. 

In the quiet moments of the day and night
She feels him
Every single day

A haunting of cruelty
Dangerous and destructive
She maintains and survives
Every single day

The pull of her body
Craves what they had started
What was never finished
Only tasted
What kind of torment would only come
From something so powerful, unfulfilled 
Every single day

As she dies to be reborn
She is still met with his invisible hands
Holding the piece of her she fears she can never get back
Every single day

No method has ever worked to set her free
No magic has lifted this feeling
Not even acceptance or to embrace
And she still tries
Every single day

There is no escape when you love a ghost
Someone who forfeited their truth
Their love
Their identity
Someone who decided to send back part of their spirit
Into the darkest of spaces 

She, who saw this decision unfold
Right before her eyes
To crush her heart
Collateral damage  

And he never knew
He will never know
He will never see her
Every single day

And every single day
She waits to wake up
To no longer feel his ghost
Asking her to bring him home 

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