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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Madison Medicinals | All Natural Skin and Hair Care | Brand Review

Madison Medicinals -
My darlings...I am really excited to share these products with you. Before I get to why, I'd like to introduce this company to you. I had the honor of meeting the sweet soul that is behind Madison Medicinals. Madison is a talented photographer, kind soul, and a beautiful woman. I first met Madison while attending an event she put together this summer. The event was a call and gathering of women to join and paint a large canvas together. The idea of this captivated my heart and I knew I had to join in on the experience. It was such a beautiful day and I'm so glad my friend Ali invited me to go with her - we met some great women and we came together and had some great conversations. I love supporting good people with good hearts. It's another reason why I fell in love with her products.
A day of painting, laughing, conversing, and gathering of women.
Now to talk about these beautiful babies...
Madison Medicinals creates natural, plant-based products with no fillers, parabens, alcohol, artificial fragrances or colors. She also sources organic ingredients for her products wherever possible.

Madison Medicinals Cocoa Lemon Body Butter -

Cocoa Lemon Body Butter

The Cocoa Lemon Body Butter is my new favorite body moisturizer. I'm not even kidding. This beauty is loaded with vitamins A C + E. It is formulated with cocoa, coconut oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernal oil, beeswax, and topped with sweet orange and lemon essential oils. The aroma of this body butter reminds me of delicious chocolate dipped oranges and I just want to eat the entire jar as soon as I open it. This stuff is extremely moisturizing, healing, and illuminating on the skin. Whenever I wear it, my skin looks so healthy. I can't imagine wearing anything else now that I have found this. Note: This formula takes a while to soak into the skin.

Madison Medicinals Calendula & White Tea Facial Scrub -

Calendula + White Tea Facial Scrub

The Calendula + White Tea Facial Scrub is a delicious facial scrub that smells SO GOOD. I can't handle it. It is a moisturizing facial scrub that I keep in my shower. It actually reminds me of the consistency of Burts Bees Citrus Facial Scrub. Do you guys remember that stuff? When Burts Bees first launched, I remember that being the first product I tried from them and I was intoxicated by the exfoliating AND moisturizing properties of it. It was the first time I had tried an exfoliating product that actually moisturized my skin at the same time. I would say that the Madison Medicinal scrub is a step up from the Burts Bees one, because it offers more skin care benefits like hydration, prevention of premature aging, and it also combats free radicals. The base of the scrub is sugar and jojoba beads (biodegradable and won't cause fish harm in our lakes!) and is formulated with so many beneficial oils and nutrients. I won't lie... I've tasted this stuff as I've rinsed it off and it's delicious. Note: It takes a while to rinse off. Be patient. It's worth it.

Madison Medicinals Lengthen + Strengthen Hair Treatment -
Lengthen + Strengthen Hair Treatment

The Lengthen + Strengthen Hair Treatment is a hair oil that is formulated with black castor oil, avocado oil, argan oil, and rosemary oil. These ingredients work together to moisturize the hair, stimulate circulation and hair growth, split ends, and promote shine. It also helps to thicken the hair. You can add a few drops of this oil to your shampoo for added volume and nutrition! The smell of it isn't my favorite, so that is how I use this oil (in my shampoo). My hair does feel thicker and softer.

Madison Medicinals also makes a very popular facial oil named Radiant Rose Facial Oil.
 I have not yet tried this product, but it is definitely something I will be getting when I need to replenish my stash. My friend Ali uses this oil and loves it. It's designed to soothe, soften, hydrate, even out the skin tone and bring radiance to the skin.

 See my video review here:

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