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Friday, February 12, 2016

Utilizing The Energy of Love | Spirit Talk

Utilizing The Energy of Love -

So many times we are gifted with the energy of love and we don't even realize it. Or sometimes we do realize it, but we end up just acknowledging it for a moment and then letting it slip right by us. I wanted to create a video to talk about love and what we can do to honor it that much further by making a conscious decision to invite it in and to further utilize it for other good reasons. If someone gives us a gift of love, why not, right?!
First of all, let me express that everything in this Universe is made up of energy, atoms, light, waves, etc. Every single aspect of existence communicates by means of these things. Whenever we make a choice or decision in life, there is a consequence of that choice that becomes alive with action and that action becomes a formed response in the reality of this world. I wrote a song a while back called, 'What You Are.' The lyrics of the song go like this:

Be aware to be alarmed
What we have is what we are
Be aware to be alarmed
What we do is what we are

Every day a choice can be made
What you say is what you do is what you are
Every day a choice reflects fate
What you say is what you do is what you are
Every day your fate creates the world
What you say is what you do is what you are

What you say
What you do
Is what we are

Every day
Every day you make who we are

So my darlings, every time we make a choice. We not only change our realities, but we also affect the greater reality as a collective whole of people on this planet. Maybe even beyond! A choice to give someone love, for example, creates an actual vibrational effect on that person's reality. How many times have you felt butterflies or even pain near your heart when you've encountered experiences with someone? That's because when two people consciously interact with each other, there is an exchange of information that occurs not only from the obvious five senses, but on an energetic level as well. Most of the time, we see this energy and we get excited (or sad depending on the situation)... but you can actually invite that energy inward and use it for more beautiful things. Love is one of the most powerful energetic vibrations that we are aware of. It is a multi-purposeful energy that can do so many things. You can see a mother's love bond heal her sick child's condition by skin to skin contact, or a small child's love for their aged grandparent give life back into their old eyes. Love can be used to heal, to comfort, to inspire, to nurture, to heal conflicts, to overcome all. So, that means, you can use it to do ANY of these things in your own personal realities.

Now that we have talked about that. Can you think of a situation where you have felt something come in your direction from another person? Can you remember how that made you feel? What reactions in your body did you feel something shift? What about your perceptions of life? Now, think about how long this lasted. 
For most of us, including myself, I have felt that I have never fully invited this energy IN during most of my encounters of it. I've kept it a bit distant to me... knowing it was around me, floating around... but I didn't fully absorb it, let alone use it for other things. I did have an experience where I did feel a person's energy that loved me integrate into my existence for up to 3 days after parting their physical self. I could feel them right next to me, just as I did when they were physically present.

Imagine what we could do if we put this energy into more use. Imagine what others could do if they use the energy we give them.

So, my loves, maybe this will inspire you to be ever present in the energetic exchanges between you and another person. I think there's magic here. So much untapped magic.

Leave a comment and share your experiences with me! I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for reading. 
Rose Quartz is a pink stone symbolic of love. I held it while filming for this reason ;)

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