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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Our Crazy Beautiful and FUN vacation in California!

Pacific Ocean - Los Angeles, Venice Beach, CA -
Some of you may know this, but last week we vacationed in California! It was SO NICE TO GET OUT OF THE FROZEN TUNDRA which is Minnesota and get a break from the cold and soak up some well-needed Vitamin D, baby. 
Bill & Quyen
The first part of the trip we spent some time visiting with our friends Quyen and Bill in their lovely paradise home near Palm Springs. I was so excited to introduce Aven to the desert and have him experience the different terrain, mountains, and plants. He loved it! His favorite thing was to play in the pool and just be outside. In fact, that was all of our favorite things to do!
We then headed over to Los Angeles to go to the beach, see some friends, and check out Disney Land (SO FREAKING FUN)
Here's the vlog to watch our story unfold and take you along with us.
Much love.
Full moon in Virgo over Palm Desert, CA Feb 2016 - 

Sunset at Venice Beach, CA -

Happy Aven at Disney Land :)

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