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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spirit De La Lune Oracle Deck Review & Pictures

Spirit De La Lune Oracle Deck Review and Pictures -
Marissa and Rachael are two gorgeous mystical women who joined visions and hearts together to bring to the world the Spirit De La Lune Oracle Deck ($45). These cards are stunning and magical ~ all centered around the cycles and energies of the moon. If you are looking for a new oracle deck which correlates with the influences/cycles of the moon and is a little more complex than the traditional ones... look no further! 
Spirit De La Lune Oracle Deck -
Oracle cards can be great additions to any spiritual practice that you partake in. I enjoy using them on my clients when they see me for my intuitive reading services. You can use them as daily affirmations or check-in's on any particular area in life that you need intuitive assistance on. This is a great practice to get in touch with the deeper aspects of yourself and connect you deeper into the infinite web of universal communication and consciousness.
Spirit De La Lune Oracle Deck
I am so happy that I was able to purchase this deck and support Marissa. I met Marissa when I shared my Saturn Return experience with her on her blog. You can read my article here and visit her blog here. Marissa is such a kind and sweet person. She is very intuitive and inspiring! Here is her Instagram account where she posts beautiful images.
If you would like for me to do videos or post more information about intuition, readings, and other matters of spirit - I would be happy to. Just leave any questions or requests in the comments.
Here is my review and pictures of the collection:

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