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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Artists are Storytellers and Consolations in this Crazy Ride of Life

Maybe the reason why it's so difficult to be an artist and to exist in society has to do with the ever-present acknowledgment that this is a temporary life; a temporary dream that is worth all of the art and expression as possible....and these bodies, which cosmically exist as illusions are like little clouds of stardust that play pretend with our souls....and the immortality and synchronistic intersection of our soul and body is like a story destined to be told...and all the experiences we have in life as individuals are somehow constructed and told empathically by artists so that no one is left feeling alienated or alone. That all have stories worth being told, expressed, worshiped, adored, and awed over. That we all have felt similar things...And to do this work is the hardest because we are often overlooked and frowned upon because we can't quite function in the time constraints and structures that society has set up for us. And yet we try our hardest to survive in those ways while undertaking the constant pull to express and document and inspire all. To be of service to our calling, which is essentially the calling of our human family as a be the storytellers and consolations in this crazy ride of life.

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