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Friday, April 8, 2016

The Power Behind Emotional Releases

The Power Behind Emotional Releases -
I am often stoic. I am often very reserved in my emotional realm. I feel a lot internally and process accordingly, but I don't always show my emotions on the outside. It's not a conscious decision. It's a childhood side effect from being told not to cry when I used to be comfortable doing so back then.
However, I just finished jamming out to a new song that I am writing about my current state of singledom and what it means to go through the deconstruction process of those difficult endings - and the song isn't completely about that, but a declaration to myself; a promise to never be held inside a cage of possessive love that so often happens to us free spirited souls. Stay tuned for my upcoming video 'To Love With Absolute Freedom' - if you haven't subscribed to my youtube channel, you should.
And then after playing these two song parts over and over again and learning to let my voice go loud and not give a shit if it sounds shitty, I began to feel the energy and vibrations flow strongly...then I felt a shift in my throat chakra and then soon after, my heart. At this moment the floodgates opened and I am literally writing this after a post breakdown of tears and deep breaths, and basically, a full on emotional release (yes, snot dripping and all).

I never cry like that. I never release so fully. So, this was a big one.

A huge one.
And it was in those moments, still strumming those guitar parts, sobbing through it, that I began to see so many memories flood in from all the previous relationships I've had and allowed into my life...and the glimpses of what my body has endured with its tragedies... and then I began to see glimpses of past lifetimes flood in; whilst seeing the cycles rooted there as well...

This was a release that surpasses this lifetime.

Okay yes, this was a huge emotional release for sure.
So then I allowed myself to keep it going and more flashes of memories, moments, feelings ran through me and I found myself starting to feel euphoric. There was this lightness in my heart, my head, and my throat. There was this clearing that happened...and I began to hear myself laugh with the crying and then I began to feel myself say, "I am free now."

Still crying intensely, I was now declaring that I was free. And it was true.

I was finally free of some huge soul-karmic vibrations.
I am free from all of the burdens placed on me as I have been a woman in this lifetime, and others. I am free from the pain and the taken-for-granted outcomes that have happened to me. But most of all, I am free from the decision to keep placing my beautiful, delicious, gorgeous, pure, and otherworldly love in the hands of those who do not deserve it
I am a rarity. I love so well. I know how to transcend dimensions and bring euphoric love into my lovers. I am fierce, but I am precious. And I am worth so much more than what I have ever allowed myself to experience in this lifetime. And with my prior lifetimes, I am done being in pain from those dark choices of a devolved, human society.  
I wanted to share this experience with anyone who may find this as to encourage you to heal. To allow the releases. To not let them build up inside you for so long if you can help it...and to be aware that something magical might happen to you and you might be healing aspects of yourself you weren't aware of that needed healing. You may also feel euphoric. Lighter. Free. And it feels so good.
Know that we can evolve ourselves into a more beautiful understanding of love, if we can just heal and get to places of self-love and which we begin to not possess anymore or go into things blindly, because we do not know who we really are or what it is that we are looking for. That we understand what it means to have connections and purpose with others and to honor those absolutely divine and gorgeous experiences with full openness. 

Every act, every choice, every encounter with another human being produces ripple effects of influential energy into this world. We shape the human world together. 

That is why every encounter we have with each other is so important to be aware of and to take responsibility for.

I will not be wasting my time or my heart anymore. Will you?

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