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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

THE SECRET IS OUT | My Collaboration with Fragrance By Me & My Signature Perfume Release

 I'm so happy to announce that I have been working on a secret collaboration with a company called Fragrance By Me. Through this company, you will be able to make your own customizable perfumes or purchase the one I created with them! YES! I got to create my own signature perfume with them and I have DIED about it ever since. I'm so excited about it. 
I cannot begin to tell you how incredible it has been to interact with the founders, Outi & Uros. They are most genuine and beautiful and it makes it even more meaningful to me to support what they've created. They believe in something that I also believe in - which is that all of us are unique, amazing, and so very special. They celebrate self-love and expression. To them, creating your own perfume is symbolic of this value.

So now let me introduce you to my signature perfume:

She Is

This perfume smells sweet with a lot of vanilla notes...and is met with oriental and sensual notes. It smells sweet, powdery, and fades away delicately over time. It has a presence to it. The name came to me during a time in my life where I am starting over and finding myself again. I am declaring things for myself as I grow strength in this process. I want to empower myself as I take on the hard moments ahead of me. I wanted to capture this empowering moment and bottle it up for you... so that you can begin to declare things for yourself just as I have been.

She is fierce
She is beautiful
She is a force to be reckoned with
She is confident
She is self aware...

Here is my accompanying video on YouTube:


Starting July 1st you can sign up to be exclusively invited to the webstore and be the first to gain access to create your signature scent perfume or to buy She Is. Sign up here: FragranceBy.Me.
After you sign up, you will be given the option to share this on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook and invite your friends to sign up, too. By inviting others, you could win prizes and one of those prizes could be a free bottle of a customizable perfume! On August 1st, the webstore opens and you will receive your invite to head on over and start creating your perfume.
Fragrance By Me is a webshop where anyone can design and order their own luxurious signature fragrance. The website is so easy to use and you can pick your favorite notes and scents and mix it in a bottle of your choice. This company managed to connect the top perfumery with technology in a fun and intuitive way, with a goal of making an extraordinary product branded exclusively to you.

Making your perfume online includes 5 simple steps:
1. Tell them your favorite perfumes
2. Pick and mix your ingredients
3. Spice it up with additional scents
4. Try it at home
5. Stand out from the crowd!
Q. I don't know how to mix a perfume. Can I still Fragrance By Me?
A. Absolutely. Most of us don't know how to do this and that's the beauty of Fragrance By Me. We made it so simple and easy that you can make a perfume without any prior experience in fragrances. It is enough that you know the names of a few perfumes that you like to use, and we'll guide you from there. We will give you a personalized perfume profile and understandable ingredients to mix with, and stand by your side in live chat whenever you have any questions.
Q. How will I know how the perfume will smell like?
A. The amazing thing with Fragrance By Me is that you get to explore your preference with scents. After you mix your scent, we can send you a package of three perfumes: one that you mixed yourself, and two recommendations that we think you might also like. Usually we send one perfume that has a very similar profile with you mixed, and another one that matches your personal perfume profile, but has a bit different notes from what you chose. This way, not only you get to know how your perfume smells like, but you also get to try a few new options as well.

Q. What if I do something wrong or mix a bad perfume?
A. Impossible. Our web store is built in a way that all the combinations you chose from will result in a high quality fragrance. In other words, whatever you will mix, the end result will be a great fragrance. On top of that, we take pride on checking all the fragrances personally: before we send you anything we make sure that the fragrance smells nice and matches your profile well.
Q. What's the quality of the product?
A. We only use very high quality ingredients in all of the steps of our production. The fragrances are packaged in luxurious Italian glass, and the scents are manufactured with the best perfume professionals in France. You'll notice this once you receive the fragrance, it will match up to the celebrity perfumes in the market any time!
Q. How much will my perfume cost?
A. The full size 1.7 oz bottle of your signature scent will cost US $75. You can also purchase your starter package which includes 3 small fragrances for the price of $20. When you decide purchasing the full sized bottle, we'll deduct the price of your starter package and your full size fragrance will have a discounted price of US $55.
Thank you guys for checking this out and I am SO excited for you to create your own perfumes or to try She Is. If you have any questions, make sure to comment below. Much love and light to you!!

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