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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Giving Love to Nature - Spiritual Nurturing: A Beauty Ritual

One of the most beautiful and sacred things you can do for your mind and spirit is to be outside and walk in nature. Taking nature in, giving and receiving love with it, and just being around it, is very healing. It naturally reduces stress, helps your body release more serotonin, and it connects you to yourself... which is the direct portal and connection to all that is.
When you spend time in nature, you enhance your physical being and tend to glow from the inside out. This is a great beauty ritual to do for your beauty, health, and wellness. It's a sacred way to honor your spirit, mind, and body. I put together a video of some images and moments I spent in nature yesterday, set to a song that will captivate your mind and set yourself free of any worries. Enjoy this moment with me and if you can, get outside today 

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