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Monday, November 10, 2014

Lime Crime Venus Palette First Impression with Pictures and Swatches

It arrived! My Lime Crime Venus: The Grunge Palette ($42) showed up today. Of course I had to immediately open it up and swatch the colors on my hand. 

The packaging is really cute. On the inside of the shipping box, is a flowery print with Lime Crime's logo on it. The wrapping paper was blue and the palette was wrapped inside with a clear plastic protective case and some bubble wrap inside the layer of the blue wrapping paper. This package was wrapped with extra care and aesthetics in mind. Love that.

Such a beautiful dsiplay.

When I opened the box to look at the colors, the colors looked as accurately portrayed as they appeared on Lime Crime's Instagram account. However, the color "Shell" is such a unique color that it's not as true to the color in photo as it is in person. As for the rest, if you've been following the Lime Crime Instagram account and seeing all of the swatches and photos they've posted, you will find that it is fairly accurate to their portrayal. I'm incredibly impressed with this as it's usually hard to capture the accurate colors with lighting and cameras.

The colors are stunning and very pigmented. I didn't use a primer to see how they would perform on their own without them. I'm very amazed by the color pay off. Imagine what a primer would do underneath! Upon the first swatch of them, I noticed that the more shimmery shadows on the top row (Venus, Shell, Aura, Creation) tend to have a little more of a powdery-feel.  The bottom colors (Icon, Rebirth, Divine, Muse) were very creamy in texture.
With Flash

No Flash (in yellow lighting)

For the price, I think it's definitely worth it. You get 8 shadows that are the perfect combination you could want in a palette designed for the 90s/grunge era... and yet some of the other colors add a modern twist to it which brings it to life in the present time. There are many kinds of looks you could achieve with this color palette. I'm glad that there is a mixture of matte and shimmery shades.
The colors are STUNNING and seem to go on smoothly and evenly. I cannot wait to come up with some makeup looks for my channel on YouTube. If you haven't, please subscribe so you don't miss out on seeing these babies in action.

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