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Friday, May 8, 2015

Liquid Mineral Foundation - Illuminare Review

Illuminare Mattifying Mineral Foundation Review
Liquid mineral foundations are not very common, just yet. Usually, you'll find mineral foundations in the form of powders, whether cream, cream-to-powder, or loose powder formulations of them. It's nice to find a company that makes a liquid form of mineral foundation. This company is called Illuminare. The company creates products that are gluten free, vegan friendly, and cruelty free. They also make mineral blushes ($18), mineral eye colors ($18), mineral eye liner ($21), Mineral Lip Glosses ($16-17), and some beauty tools.

Back to foundation - Illuminare created three different kinds of liquid mineral foundation to suit different skin types. They have their moisturizing foundation for dry skin, concealing foundation for normal/combo skin, and mattifying foundation for oily skin. All retail for $27 and you get .5 oz of product in a tube.

The color ranges run darker than usual, so I highly suggest you take caution in ordering the color; know that they run really dark. It would be a good idea to buy their sampler pack ($5.95), so you can get a feel for what your skin will like and what color you should go for.

I really love this mineral foundation product, and so does my skin. I have combination skin that consists of a super oily t-zone and very dry skin on the outer perimeters of my face. My favorite formulation of the mineral foundations had to be the moisturizing one and the mattifying one. Now that summer is around the corner, I opted to buy the full version of the mattifying foundation.. but come fall and winter, it'll definitely be the moisturizing one that I'll be using.

The formula lasted on my oily skin for up to 5-6 hours before I needed to blot. That's very good considering that I haven't found any mattifying product to last on my face up to date. I say that the best ones all usually last around 6 hours before I need to do that.

One layer of Illuminare Mattifying Mineral Foundation
Nice coverage - helps conceal imperfections and breakouts.

Doesn't settle into fine lines or enlarge pores.

If you have any dry patches, make sure you exfoliate, moisturize, and perhaps prime them before you use this product. I also recommend a certain way to apply this product. For more info, check out my review and demo below.

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