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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Circa Beauty Face Powder Just Upped My Makeup Game!

I love it when my friends (who know how much I love makeup) are excited to tell me about a product they are using! It's kind of like they are supporting my makeup blog addiction by being unintentional enablers ha-ha! However, this one particular day, while receiving a video message (we prefer to send videos to each other versus texts)... my friend Kaitlin told me about this new face powder she was using. When she held up the compact, it looked super fancy and I immediately wrote it off as a "this is probably way too expensive, shouldn't even try to convince myself to get it" item. Well, then she preceded to tell me she picked it up at Walgreens...and uttered the words, "Circa Beauty" right after that. I remembered a video I had watched a few weeks prior from GlamLifeGuru on YouTube and she talked about Circa Beauty and that it was a brand headed up by Eva Mendes. Tati of GlamLifeGuru always gives the best reviews (totally subscribe to her if you haven't already) and since she liked it, I remember being intrigued about Circa Beauty ever since... and when my friend raved about it to me - I knew I had to try it! On top of that... this brand is CRUELTY-FREE! It's so great to see more drugstore cruelty free makeup brands out there.

I went to the nearest store and picked up their bb cream, face powder, and nude lipstick in the color Brigitte. And... what did I think about it? Check out my review video below to find out! :)


Wearing Circa Beauty BB Cream, Face Powder, and Lipstick in the color Bridgette - @BeautyMindSpirit

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