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Friday, July 24, 2015

Illuminare Cosmetics Brand Review | Mineral Makeup & Cruelty Free

Illuminare means "to illuminate" in Italian. 
I am very excited to talk about this great brand of natural mineral makeup from Illuminare Cosmetics. A few months ago, I discovered and raved about their mattifying liquid mineral foundation that you can read about here and see in a video here. The company recently contacted me after seeing my review and asked if I would be interested to review more of their products. I immediately agreed (who wouldn't?!) and I have been incredibly impressed with ALL of the products they sent me to try.

First of all, I want to share some info about the background of the company. The company was started by Ruthie Molloy, a makeup artist, who worked out of a surgical facility where she would apply makeup on clients or patients to conceal redness, rosacea, dark circles, and bruises from post-surgical procedures. Her passion was to develop products that would give great coverage, lock in moisture, stay all day, and have a reliable SPF in them. She also had a passion to create products that are natural, cruelty-free, contain no harsh chemicals, fragrance, or anything irritating to those with sensitive skin. Her products contain the fewest ingredients possible. To read more about Ruthie and her company, please click here.

Ruthie's standards, mission, and passion inspires me greatly. I stand behind this company 100% and I'm so excited to share their products with you and express to you how amazing they perform.

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Illuminare Cosmetics Foundation Sample Pack

Illuminare Cosmetics Mattifying Mineral Foundation
Now, let's talk about their amazing foundations. I won't go into as much detail here as I did before in my earlier post. But the highlights as to why I like the foundation has to do with the fact that you don't need a primer, it lasts all day, it gives the most beautiful, natural looking coverage, and it does not irritate my skin. In fact, I feel like it helps my skin. Maybe it's the moisturizing factor... I'm not sure, but it makes my skin look radiant and beautiful. All foundations retail for $27 for 0.5fl.

I highly recommend ordering the Deluxe Sample Pack (Currently $5.95 - 9 samples) to try if you're not sure what kind of liquid mineral foundation to try. Illuminare created three formulations to choose from: Moisturizing (for dry skin types), Concealing (great for dry to combination skin types... if oily, I recommend a primer), and Mattifying (combination to oily skin types) and you can sample them in this one great pack. My skin is combination and tends to become really oily in the T-Zone as the day goes on. Oddly enough, my skin favored the moisturizing and mattifying foundation. I'm glad I ordered the sample pack first to determine what worked great for my skin. Once fall and winter come, I will be switching to the moisturizing foundation. The concealing foundation is like a foundation and concealer in one. It can build up to a full coverage look very easily. In fact, I would say all of them build up to a medium to full coverage. For light coverage, take a small amount of your face lotion and mix it with it. To see me use the mattifying foundation in action, check out my current full-coverage foundation routine here.

*Also, very important to note - the colors are darker than the names would apply. Another great reason to get the sample pack is to make sure the shade matches your skin tone. For example, I ordered Florentine Fair which works for me when I am self-tanned and have a medium skin tone*

Illuminare Cosmetics Fast Application Pad
For application, I used their Fast Application Pad (retails for $10) which is a fantastic tool that I am now obsessed with. This large, oval fabric pad really did spread the foundation over my skin so easily and flawlessly. It felt soft to my face and made application of it much faster than I'm used to. Just use a pea size of foundation, spread from middle to outer perimeters, and that's it! The fact that this is reusable is great for the Earth!

Illuminare Perfect Color Mineral Blush in Porcelain
The next thing I received was their Perfect Color Mineral Blush ($18 for 0.25 fl oz).  I asked to be sent the color Porcelain for a natural looking flush to the cheeks. It creates an illuminating light pink/neutral flush to my cheeks and it's incredibly flattering. This blush applied perfectly using the Fast Application Pad. It lasted all day on me and didn't accentuate my pores or lines. I also found that it was a great base to use in conjunction with a powder blush on days I wanted a little more "pop" to my color.


Illuminare All Day Eye Colors in Cafe Latte, Cafe Americano, Cafe Mocha, and Expresso.

I am so impressed with Illuminare's All Day Eye Colors (retails for $18 for 0.25 fl oz). They have several shades available, all in the nude-toned family. I was sent four shades to try: Cafe Latte, Cafe Americano, Cafe Mocha, and Expresso. All of them act and perform like primers as well as eyeshadows. They are so pigmented, creamy, and spread very easily (no blotches!) - making application a breeze whether I used my finger or a synthetic brush. I love using Cafe Latte as an all over eyeshadow base to create a flawless canvas and hide any sort of discoloration on my lids. It works SO well at covering up veins and evening out my skin tone. I enjoy using Mocha for my crease as a transition shade, and to define my outer corner, I will use Americano or Expresso... or even both if I really want a smokey eye look. Expresso can double up as a dark brown eyeliner and Americano can double up as an eyebrow filling product. I was told by Brittany, who is a wonderful rep and makeup artist for the company, to try Americano in place of my current eyebrow defining product and she was right to do so! I applied it with their Eyebrow and Eyeliner brush (retails for $10) I absolutely love it. It stays ALL DAY. These are beautiful and amazing eye and brow products.


Illuminare Cosmetics Beyond Black Everlasting Eye Liner & Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush
My darlings, the Beyond Black Everlasting Eye Liner (retails for $21 for .17oz) is SO BLACK I can't handle it. It's beautiful. It has such a solid, pigmented spread and is really easy to glide on your eyelids for that super dark cat eyeliner look that we are all guilty of loving a little too much. This also works as an amazing base for layering eyeshadows on top of in order to make them stand out. This will not budge and I did use some of my cleansing water on a q-tip to get the rest of it off after washing my face, but it is worth it. I love it. I used the eyebrow and eyeliner brush to apply it... and the bristles are stiff enough to keep that line in tact. People with bigger eyes will love this brush for that. For those of us with smaller eyes, it may be a little tricky to get used to and be mindful to use a lighter pressure in order to keep the line thinner vs thicker. 


Illuminare Cosmetics Ultra Shine Mineral Lipstick in Flirty and All Day Mineral Lip Color in Love.
There are two kinds of lip products to try! There is the Ultrashine Mineral LipGloss (retails for $17 for .27 oz) and the All Day Mineral LipColor (retails for $16 for 0.2oz). Both of these formulations felt really comfortable on my lips. The Ultrashine LipGloss in Flirty was sheer and felt thicker on the lips...and it wasn't too sticky. There is a shimmer in it, but you don't feel it on the lips. I feel like this is moisturizing as it is shiny. The All Day Mineral LipColor in Love is definitely my favorite. This color is so beautiful and flatters my skintone. This color lasted quite a while and faded nicely when I ate. It was easy to reapply and would stay put until I would eat or drink anything. I will definitely be ordering some of the other colors in that formulation.

Thank you for reading this review and checking out Illuminare Cosmetics with me. I definitely recommend this company and I hope this helped you get a feel for the kind of products you may be looking to try and what to expect. To see my video review on this brand, check below:

Much love to you - Kari of BeautyMindSpirit.
Kari of BeautyMindSpirit wearing Illuminare Cosmetics.

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