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Monday, March 14, 2016

Diamonds are made through intense process. So is a human being.

Undergoing transformation and rebirth. -
 The Universe is working meticulously on helping us to release, clear away, and let go of the experiences that have run their courses in our lives. It's a brutal ache in the heart to say goodbye to some of this. Though it's important to do, it's extremely hard to sit inside the emotion of the release and let it do what it needs to do. For any of you who are experiencing this right now with the influence of the recent New Moon in Pisces, know I am holding you in my heart, even if we haven't met or I don't know your name. Together we are all connected in spirit. You are my brothers and my sisters. We are children of the stars. I feel you wherever we are on this planet. Trust and know in your heart that you will evolve as you need to and all things will align with relief as soon as you commit to yourself your truth and adhere to the pull of your intuitive heart. Let it guide you through the ebbs and flow of this roller coaster ride. KNOW that the best outcome will happen and you shall find your liberation on the other side. Diamonds are made through intense process. So is a human being on the ride of this life. Be. Your. Truth. Always....

You've got this. 


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