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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Supporting Local Minnesota Makers | MNBLOGGERBASH + LOWERTOWN POP

Hey Darlings!

I was recently invited to the MN Blogger Bash event on March 29th, 2016. This event was for local bloggers to have a sneak peak or preview of the bigger event which is open to the public called Lowertown Pop. This is an event that welcomes over 60 "Minnesota Makers" aka vendors to showcase their locally made products and provide support for our community based business owners. Not only that,  but 50% of the proceeds of ticket purchases go towards a local charity called Face to Face and the other 50% goes towards one lucky Minnesota Maker. If any of you know my heart, you know that I started this blog to not only uplift and inspire you, but to also share the stories and dreams of people who have created business and support them on their journeys. I LOVE that Lowertown Pop believes and is passionate about doing the same thing.

If you would like to go to the Lowertown Pop event held at the Union Depot in St. Paul, MN on April 9th, from 10AM - 4PM, I will be giving away two free tickets. The details of this will be at the end of this post.  If you don't win, no fret. The ticket prices are reasonable. They are $10 in advance or $15 at the door. Plus, you're donating to some great causes!

Let's start with some pictures, shall we?
From Your Mat - Jessica Hoch
When I first walked into the area, there were cute booths and tables set up for some of the Minnesota Makers. From food to jewelry to essential oils and bath products - there was such a great group of people offering many different things. Jessica's booth radiated such great energy. She creates a lot of yoga inspired jewelry with stones and malas. They help balance the chakras and promote empowering messages to keep you in alignment with yourself. These items would make great gifts for those that are passionate about yoga and spiritual well-being.
Hart & Soul Herbal - Vanessa Hart
Meet Vanessa Hart. Vanessa began to craft her own essential oil blends after her daughter was having issues with Asthma. She wanted to create and work with herbs to help ease her daughters symptoms which she successfully did. As she began to tell her friends and family about it, many of them wanted to try it, too... which then in turn inspired her to create more products to help with different ailments. She is a medicinal woman with a passion for using the best distilled processes for essential oils in the most natural and purest of ways. She told me she wanted to research ancient techniques and focused on the pre-industrial revolution era for putting together her products. I am currently wearing her Happie Body Frosting as I type this. It smells so good - like oranges and chocolates (on me, anyway!)...and I plan on getting some more of her products - especially her detox bath bar and her products for allergies/sinus issues.

Scrappy Products

Would you believe me if I told you that the bags and pouches made from Scrappy Products come from 100% post consumer plastic bottles? Well, it's true. The bottles are made into fabric and this company uses the fabric to create these really cool bags. You can use them for groceries, for towels/items for the beach, or use the smaller ones for holding money, pencils/pens, etc. I absolutely love how they recycle waste and turn it into something useful.
StormSister Spatique

Not going to lie! The first thing I noticed as a makeup obsessed junkie were these lipsticks by StormSister Spatique. They are locally made using natural ingredients and they have such a beautiful arrange of colors. I definitely loved the nude colors. The formula was nice and moisturizing on my lips. They are great lipsticks.
Now let's get to the goodies that came in our Swag bag. Be ready for some enticing products to get your hands on!
Products from MN Blogger Bash 2016 -
Need some great, authentic and hilarious cards for your people? Have a great laugh with me at this "50 is the new Fuck Off" card by Bruno Press. I'm pretty sure everyone died laughing in the room when they were showing us we had this awaiting us in our bags. I also like the cute and demanding "You are there. I want you here, dammit" card by Muddy Mouth Cards. I may be biased, but I quite like our witty generation. We just tell it like it is, guys. And we do it in a way that will make you laugh. I promise. Next up is this coloring book by Doodle Your Way. There are studies that state that if we color, it actually helps us like meditation does. It's a great way to relax the mind and also nurtures the creative side in us! Lastly, this really cute fridge magnet called "I can and I will" by Debbie Wolk Designs. I don't know about you, but I NEED this affirmation right now to kick myself in the butt to get a grip on the upcoming changes I have going on in my life. I just love this magnet. Debbie makes all sorts of cool things out of ceramics. Give her site a look! You'll love what she does.
Products from MN Blogger Bash -
Now we have this ADORABLE onesie from Tumblewalla. This is made from 100% organic cotton and has the cutest MN logo on it as well as the Ohm symbol. Clothes from Tumblewalla can be custom made which means you can add a personal touch to anyone you want to gift them to. Then we have the beautiful bracelet from Jessica of From Your Mat ~ and this particular one that I have is for the throat chakra and has lapis lazuli stones which complement this chakra. I'm wearing it right now! It is very comfortable and feels really good. The next thing is a really cute handmade headband from CC JS Boutique! I received a really cute floral/70s print and the material is so soft. I can tell it won't cause any hair breakage due to the material it's made of. Throw this on with a messy bun and you've got a cute spring/summer look! D8agirl Designs came out gave us a pin made of mixed mediums of cotton and fabric. And lastly, I received a cool little bag from Scrappy Products. How did they know I'm a MN Mommy? I love it! And I still can't get over that it's made from recycled plastic bottles. 
Products from MN Blogger Bash -
There were so many food makers at the event! I can imagine how many more will be at the Lowertown Pop event! Minnesota is known for their amazing food and diversity... there are SO many good restaurants here in the twin cities and so many creative artists developing food that is unique and delicious. Let's discuss Superior Switchel's Orange Maple Beverage. This has organic ginger, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, and sweet orange in it. You can use this alone, hot or cold...or it can be used in a cocktail by adding a local bourbon, vodka, or whatever your choosing (leave it to Minnesotans to create something that can be used with alcohol haha). I can't wait to try it! Next up we have some Ghee from Shamim's Pantry and some locally made honey from the rooftop of the Union Depot, entitled Bee Line Honey, and they threw in a Honey Bon-Bon! So cute! The next thing I spotted was coffee from Velasquez Family Coffee (smells DIVINE), and some delicious looking cashews from Isadore Nut Co! Then we have some Strawberry Cranberry Jam from Duluth Preserving Co, and AMAZING hand-made caramel from Sweet Jules. I had the honor of speaking to them and they told me about the process they take making the caramel the old fashioned way...and you can really tell the difference in taste. I AM IN LOVE. Now we have some more deliciousness from Antigone's. They sent home some of their Feta spreads (yum yum yum)! And then I had to mention the most sophisticated MN shot glass from Blue Henn (seriously, this one makes me want to drink hard liquor - and check out their tonics!), and a very cool white painted antique fork by Julia Moss. Check out her Instagram for more of her painted works!
Products from MN Blogger Bash -
Now we have some yummy body products to talk about. First up is Hart & Soul Herbal which I discussed earlier in the post. I'm still loving the smell of the Happie Body Frostie. So good. Then we have a multi-purpose soap bar called Shhh from Storm Sister (yep, they also make body products aside from lipsticks!). This bar can be used to shampoo, shave, and shower with. The smell is very clean and it doesn't dry out the skin. Then we have a REALLY good moisturizing body scrub from Bodylish. This company makes some bath bombs and other products using all natural ingredients. My favorite scrubs are moisturizing ones. You don't have to lather on lotion after you exfoliate with this baby. 
And there we have it! So many amazing products from some of our amazing community members. Please check out their websites, share with your friends, and support these local businesses so they can continue to flourish. <3 
If you'd like to win tickets to the Lowertown Pop event, all you have to do is share this blog post on your facebook wall. Tag me (@BeautyMindSpirit), LowerTown Pop (@LowerTownPop), and MNBloggerBash (@MNBloggerBash). Tag at least one friend in your post and voila! You've entered. I'll select the winner on April 5th and get the tickets in the mail to you right away.

Thank you so much for reading.

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